Although Piaget’s theories are very well thought out, many of them will be hard to teach through technology. The reasoning is most of the developments are learned more through direct experience, and social interactions rather than instruction.

What are some of the technological tools or strategies that can be utilized to make online learning more based on direct experience and social interaction? 

Piaget stated: "When in balance with each other, assimilation and accommodation generate mental schemas of the operative intelligence. When one function dominates over the other, they generate representations which belong to figurative intelligence."

What does this sentence mean? Can you give us an example of either assimilation and accommodation "balance with each other" or "one over the other"? 

It is observed in application that children sometimes demonstrate unsuspected cognitive strengths or characteristics at lower stages of knowledge development.

What implications will this have in a classroom? Is it necessary to have an individualized plan for such students?

This website is designed to be presented in a Piaget way. But we know that: cognition is staged, and what seen in our views may not be the same as in your sight. So please help us to improve by reflecting "Which aspects of Piaget are evident or missed in this presentation?"